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So you are trying to use PHP to catch a line break from a textarea, for example? Looks like you’ve been banging your head for hours! Don’t forget that \n, \r, \t, etc. are only interpolated as special characters inside double-quote string literals. That being said, you might want to do this:   instead of this: …
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UI Faces

When creating UI mock-ups or custom templates for my clients, I often need to portray users in form of avatars. This has always been a rather tedious task, because I find myself faced with the dilemma of either having to commit copyright infringement or  handing in something, which I wouldn’t like to have myself. I …
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translate wordpress poedit

Working with clients from different continents  is an everyday thing here at thePHPHero. More often than not we are presented with the task of creating WordPress-based websites, which need to be delivered in multiple languages. In this article we will teach you how to translate WordPress theme with a neat and free software called Poedit. …
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register domain in China

Registering a domain in Mainland China can be pretty tricky. Due to strong government control over the web, it is darn right impossible to register a Chinese domain without having to deal with a huge amount of hassle. While in the West, the whole process of registering a domain is pretty much straight forward and …
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Living behind the Great Firewall of China can sometimes be frustrating, especially when working in projects that rely heavily on any type of Google hosted services. Believe it or not, but the world’s most popular search engine has been completely blocked in Mainland China, so using Google hosted fonts or jQuery is usually a bad idea. …
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