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responsive webdesign

Responsive web applications

We design and build simple yet creative and responsive websites that will make your business stand out. We provide an extremely user-friendly content management system that enables you to personalize your own website. Editing content is as easy as logging in, selecting a page and making changes.

Are you targeting multiple regions and countries? Don't worry. We got you covered wherever you want to go. Translation and localization are a big part of our game and we have gotten quite good at it.

Give your business or idea the priority and attention it deserves.

mobile app development

Mobile Apps

Mobile devices are playing an increasingly important role in the future of business. We're squarely in a multi-screen world and people are using smartphones to search, shop and get things done more often than ever.

That means delivering a great experience on mobile devices is increasingly important, since it affects organic visibility, Quality Score, ad position and cost, sales, and customer loyalty.

From iOS to Android: we have the skills to get your mobile presence up and running like none other and with the quality you could only expect from a hero. Get in touch now and unleash the power of your ideas on the road.

automotive apps

Car Apps

The term "mobile" is about to take a whole new direction. You may not believe this now, but your car is already capable of amazing things! Thanks to the latest advances in automobile connectivity, it is now possible to harness the power of the Internet in a whole new way!

Contact us now to find out how we can help you or your business take full advantage of innovations coming soon to the automotive world.

Hail the Hero now and begin setting standards in your industry. Be there, before your competitors even dream it exists.


Embrace Change

Be fluent everywhere. As a team currently based in China, but with past experience in Brazil, United States and Europe; we embrace diversity and are culturally aware. It doesn't matter where your brand needs to be, our main concern is to take you there and make sure you hit the ground running.

Focus on Innovation

Get what nobody else has. We wish to put originality into everything we do, combining knowledge from a variety of fields such as: linguistics, engineering, product design and IT. We aim to give our clients the tools to convey their message in very powerful and innovative ways.

Aim for Transparency

Have control every step of the way. Our working model is to captivate clients through competence and originality instead of through confusion. We stand by our work and make ourselves available for questioning at all times. Our workflow allows close monitoring by the client at all stages of the their project.

Remain Friendly

Walk out with much more than just your project done. Working on a task should be, above all, a great learning experience. One of our primary goals is to make sure that the client understands what is going on at all times. We strive to add value to relationship with clients by providing a 100% percent personalized service like no other.